“My Wife Walked Out on Me” Juma Lokole Opens up About Painful Marriage Experience That Changed Him

October 13, 2020

“My wife walked out on me” Juma Lokole opens up about painful marriage experience that changed him

Juma Lokole has been rumored to be gay for years now! This is mainly because he behaves like a ‘woman’ and judging from the amount of gossip he carries; well no man on earth can beat him at this game.

So far he has been linked to his boss, Diamond Platnumz; but with no proof, we cannot really say much about this. However speaking to Wema Sepetu recently, Juma Lokole opened up to reveal that he was once married for 9 years.

But just like most marriages, his failed following a few issues with his dear wife who later walked out on him leaving him lonely and confused. For the first time, the young man went on to open up saying;

Nimedumu kwenye ndoa  takriban miaka 9. Siku moja nitakuja kupost picha zangu za harusi, mama watoto wangu alinikimbia. Alibeba vitu vyote vya ndani, aliniacha kama madrassa.

When asked by Wema Sepetu whether he has a girlfriend, Juma Lokole responded by saying;

Kwa sasa hivi hapana na focus sana na kwa maisha kwanza; biashara na ujenzi wangu.

Playing for both teams

With this out, we cannot really confirm whether Juma Lokole who is a father is a straight man or whether he plays for both teams.

This is mostly because many have been claiming that he is gay; and after his altercation with Tanasha Donna – the rumor about his sexuaity was finally confirmed.

But since he already has children from his previous marriage; I bet the young man is just having a good time exploring other the gender!


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